#TeamTalks: Johanna Willems

February 15, 2021

Sushant Chavan
Sushant Chavan

Ampolon Ventures rows with every new addition. However, our focus is not only on developing successful start ups, but also on the people who accompany us on this journey.  Johanna Willems ecently joined the People Operations team and is working to bring the best talent on board for our venture building program. We want to know from her what makes recruiting founders so exciting and what her team is planning for this year.

Johanna Willems

1. Tell something about yourself

I grew up in Germany, but I always wanted to go out into the big wide world at some point. That’s why I did my apprenticeship as a hotel clerk after graduating from high school and also studied in this field. After that, I worked on a cruise ship for a few months. At Ampolon Ventures, I have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world and still be back in my home country.

2. What do you find interesting about startups and founding companies?

With my background in the hotel business and shipboard life, it was quite new for me to be able to contribute ideas and take responsibility. In the startup world, hierarchies are usually flat and team spirit is very important. In addition, processes are constantly changing. This means that new challenges arise every day and you grow with your tasks. Recruiting our founders is particularly interesting for me because you meet totally different and interesting personalities.

3. What was it like for you to go through the application process at Ampolon Ventures and what has changed since then?

I came across Ampolon Ventures by chance through LinkedIn and applied with one click. Without understanding exactly what Ampolon does, I went through the application process. Since I joined as an assistant, it didn’t matter to me at first what the core business was about, but I was immediately won over by the openness and company values.

Since I joined, a lot has happened in our recruiting. While our people team initially consisted of just one colleague, I’m delighted that I can now support her in this. For me, of course, it was important to learn the basics of recruiting first, but even after that, the learning curve continues. We recently introduced a new program that allows us to make our process even more structured. This gives us more time for the things that really matter, which is getting to know our candidates as people.

4. How will your role in the company evolve over the next year?

Since I am just at the beginning of my recruitment career, there is still a lot for me to learn. In addition to the basics, such as active sourcing, reviewing profiles, and interviewing, I want to get involved in streamlining our processes and increasing our presence, especially at universities and colleges.

I am also passionate about maintaining a safe and supportive environment for my team and further strengthening team cohesion so that everyone has the best opportunities to grow. With the support of Ampolon Ventures, I plan to continue my education in this direction.

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