#TeamTalks: Q&A with Alberto Di Nunno

October 19, 2020

Sushant Chavan
Sushant Chavan

Ampolon Ventures is working with some fantastic Founders to build their next set of ventures. While Founders and the Ampolon Team play a key role in ensuring ideas take flight, our team of interns have an equal role to play in making sure our venturing teams are successful.

We spoke to Alberto Di Nunno who just finished his internship with us to understand his experience of working at Ampolon Ventures.

Alberto Di Nunno

1. Tell something about yourself

I am writing this while being at home, listening to the a16z Podcast on Spotify as I wait for the carbonara pasta to be ready. Moving from Italy to Germany last year to attend my Master in Management at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management has been a significant change. On one hand, I have no intentions to give up my food habits; on the other hand, I have fully embraced the German working lifestyle. I have found a way to combine my passion for innovation and technology with an active social life that enables me to do a lot of sports with friends. I completed my Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Turin, with an exchange semester at the UTS in Sydney. Throughout my academic life, I have been involved in local innovation hubs. I was an associate of the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Turin. During my tenure at the European Innovation Academy, I started my own business with the mentorship from Silicon Valley investors. Currently, I am part of the Frankfurt school initiative “FS Ventures”.

2. What is about startups and company building that you find exciting?

I was a heavy smartphone user during high school, with a particular interest in downloading and trying out new apps. I would look for apps that could solve a problem I was experiencing. Most of the existing Apps did not address my challenges; which made me keen on translating my ideas into concrete solutions. The opportunity to create something new that could solve a real-life problem excites me the most about company building and keeps me motivated to work in a start-up environment. Specifically, I find it inspiring to talk to visionary founders and investors. Especially at Ampolon, I have felt the vibe that pushes everyone to work hard to achieve ambitious goals.

3. What made you apply to Ampolon Ventures?

I applied for an internship position at Ampolon, as the opportunity to participate in developing new digital business models seemed like the perfect fit for my interest and skills. Here, I have had the chance to exactly put into practice what I was looking for in terms of identifying market opportunities, validating potential solutions and incorporating new businesses. Besides, what I value about Ampolon is the PropTech focus; The real estate industry is very traditional, and there is so much scope for improvement.

4. What has been your experience of interning at Ampolon Ventures? What are some of the things that you have learned?

The key learnings come both from the industry exposure and the practical know-how of the team members. Let’s start with the hard skills that I have learnt. At University, you do not study topics such as how to close a deal during a Sales call, or how to automate the outreach process to get in touch with potential customers. At Ampolon, I have learnt the process to build a start-up in a lean way and the key steps to get from an idea to incorporation.

In terms of the atmosphere at work, I have had the opportunity to see in practice what it means to work in a psychologically safe environment and inclusive leadership. I felt included in the core team from day one, and the open feedback policy enabled me to share my opinion about everything and focus on my weaknesses.

5. What are your plans after finishing your internship?

Finishing my Master’s program is my current goal. I have enjoyed my experience at Ampolon, and if an opportunity to continue to post my Master’s arises, I will be more than happy to consider it. The Venture Capital market is an excellent fit for me. I feel like I can combine my start-up experience with my interests in Innovation and Technology. In addition, I am considering the Private Equity domain since the company valuation techniques excite me a lot, and I firmly believe that this would help me to acquire a different perspective.

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