July 26, 2020

Sushant Chavan
Sushant Chavan

Dine-in Dine-out

Restaurants are operational once again, however, they are not running at the same capacity as before, the downtime coupled with the threat of a new wave of infections, creates a persistent fear of losing the recovery made in the past few weeks.

There have been innovative attempts such as this automated dumpling shop in NYC or this Amsterdam based restaurant creating individuals pods for safe dining experiences. However, these are just experiments that will have to pass multiple hurdles until they become widely adopted.

Here is a look at interesting business models that will help restaurants battle the changing realities of the world.

Digital Menu: QR code-based menus are becoming more visible across restaurants, taking away the need for a physical menu. This is just the beginning, there are now companies offering video-based menus and digital screens to help diners order meals.
e.g. PopMenu, Mr. Noow, SIMI, My Yum

Table reservation systems: Reservation management systems can provide real-time occupancy levels for establishments and patrons so that diners can decide which restaurant to choose for last-minute meal plans.
e.g TockPax BookingSleekTeburio

Chef Marketplaces: P2P Dining experiences where individuals get to host people at their homes or in case of a luxury segment allowing people to invite chefs to their homes to cook a meal for particular occasions
e.g EatwithTravelling Spoon, La Belle Assiette

Shared Kitchen: Online Food delivery startups have already established their clout. For a lot of restaurants and eateries with a loyal clientele, shifting to a cloud kitchen model by partnering with a food delivery startup, can help reach a high turnover than what the premises would allow.
e.g Kitchen United, Kitopi

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