September 20, 2020

Sushant Chavan
Sushant Chavan

Construction Intelligence 

Construction projects are generally massively delayed and mostly run over the budgeted cost. There is a potential to plug these inefficiencies and save almost $1.7 trillion. Using technology, delays and cost escalations can be controlled.

Upcoming construction intelligence startups are building tools to enable process optimization, productivity improvement, and aid in decision-making, taking the construction industry towards a modern and technologically advanced approach.

According to Tracxn, companies within this sector received a total funding of $20.9 Million. Here are some of the interesting startups within construction intelligence space;

  • Doxel deploys autonomous robots at construction sites and compares the visual of the site with that of the construction plan to estimate the project progress.
  • Northspyre focuses on providing cloud-based automation tools for project owners to achieve workflow optimization, identify operational inefficiencies, and grasp cost-saving opportunities.
  • Join offers pre-construction collaboration software solutions to systemize pre-construction decision making, option evaluation, and expert collaboration.
  • Eyrus cloud-based solutions focus on field productivity and workforce visibility improvements.
  • SmartPM Tech offers data analytic solutions for construction project owners to monitor and maintain project quality.
  • Qflow offers a data-driven intelligence tool for reducing environmental impact and regulatory risks of construction operations.

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