August 7, 2020

Sushant Chavan
Sushant Chavan

More than space

In the early 20th century, following the principles of “Taylorism“, office spaces were designed and created to maximize industrial efficiency. However, Frank Taylor’s approach received much criticism due to the fact that it failed to take into consideration human and social elements while focusing merely on productivity maximization.

Office space design has since evolved from productivity-oriented towards being human-centric. The modern workplace emphasizes more on creativity, flexibility, and adaptability. More personalized elements that were traditionally associated with homes are finding their way into the office environment.

Furthermore, as standing workspaces and remote working become popular, the need for collaboration between furniture and technology has increased. In the future, smart space planning and furniture design will be the key to an ideal workspace.

There are multiple digital solutions that have cropped up which help businesses find the right office space, however, space is not enough.
Companies require the necessary furniture and equipment to assist team members to work efficiently. There are a bunch of different amenities and services that are also required to keep the office space running.

Co-working spaces have stepped in to solve this problem, however, there cannot be a one size fits all solution for office needs.

e.g. Managed by Q, a prominent player within office space management which was bought over by WeWork has been sold off to its rival Eden in less than a year

Let’s look at some interesting business models that ensure office spaces are run smoothly.

Equipment rental: Businesses that offer equipment required for setting up an office space. Some of them focus primarily on Furniture such as desks, chairs, and sofas, few have also branched into offering equipment such as video conference tools on lease
e.g. Lendis, Renetti, Lyght Living

Office management: Office managers are inundated with requests from team members throughout the day, managing multiple vendors, and ensuring requests are serviced is a herculean task. Startups are now aggregating different services so that they can be managed efficiently
e.g EdenHourlyz, Worksmith

Visitor Management: Startups ensuring that only pre-registered or scheduled visitors are allowed to enter the office space. Especially helpful for shared office space or co-working spaces
e.g. ZipKey Biizlo, LobbyPal

HVAC Maintenace: Infrastructure breakdown can impact the usability of office space. Finding technicians at zeroth hour can be challenging. Predictive maintenance can ensure HVAC is always up and running and avoid disaster days
Air-Q, Djinn Sensor, Genea

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