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Fractional Ownership 
for Residential Real Estate

Real Estate is the oldest and most secure asset class, and every few decades, the market witnesses turmoil. However, Real Estate always survives the downturn and comes out unscathed.

Despite changes in lifestyle and the need for flexibility, everyone wishes to be a homeowner someday. Though there have always existed different financial instruments that can help individuals access residential real estate, rising property prices, and stagnant wage growth has kept a large number of people out from the real estate market.

Careers requiring flexibility and mobility across geographies discourages people from committing to long term mortgages, and Professionals with sporadic but high-income find it difficult to access credit from the traditional market.

Fractional ownership has thus evolved as a potential solution to this problem. Though many startups are now attempting to build a business using it, the likelihood of success is low due to multiple factors.

In this report, we will analyze Fractional ownership as a means to homeownership, the proposition of a few prominent players, the role of blockchain in tracking ownership, and the legal challenges around it.

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